A mix can really transform a recording. It involves not only balancing the various instrument and vocal tracks but also being creative with the use of effects and dynamic processing. Sometimes it can also involve manipulating the timing and tuning of performances.

I mix primarily ‘in the box’ using Logic X with the best third party plugins available from the likes of Universal Audio, Waves, Softube, Native Instruments and Sound Toys. However, I do like to make use of a few choice outboard pieces including DBX 160 compressors, a Roland Space Echo and a Pioneer Spring Reverb.

Typically when I’m producing a song from the ground up I’ll be making some mix decisions as I go. I’ll make sure that every element recorded is serving the song and going to be useful in the final mix. This usually means that at the end of the recording it’s in such a state that the mixing is relatively straight forward. Mixing is often overlooked but it’s important to factor in adequate time to do this properly.

I offer attended and unattended mixing services including online stem mixing.