Saltwell Studio is a purpose-built recording studio run by producer/engineer & musician Chris Pepper. The studio is located in the Cambridgeshire village of Leighton Bromswold, just outside of Huntingdon. Rooms are acoustically designed, comfortable and have plenty of natural light.

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Control Room & The Studio

The control room is based around a selection of fantastic sounding microphone preamps, world class AD and DA conversion from Universal Audio. Monitoring is handled by a pair of ATC 100asl monitors and Yamaha NS-10s.

The large studio can accommodate bands who wish to record live and has been acoustically designed and treated to provide a beautifully natural and balanced sound. Moveable screens can be used creatively to alter the sound of a recording as well as provide a good degree of isolation when recording multiple musicians.


When tracking, a selection of backline is available (including a 1932 A.B CHASE baby grand piano, vintage Ludwig drums, various guitars/basses, amps, various quirky keyboards, a Blüthner upright piano and much more!). The ‘Hearback’ headphone monitoring system enables each band member to be in control of their own mix. An ever expanding collection of dynamic, condenser, tube and ribbon microphones, provide plenty of choice when capturing performances. Whether you’re after a polished, multi-tracked production or want to capture the vibe and energy of a live performance we can make it happen! Singer-songwriters, duos, bands, jazz combos, big band orchestras, we’ve had experience with them all.


We mix primarily ‘in the box’ with the best plugins available from Universal Audio, Waves, Slate, Sound Toys, Celemony (Melodyne), Native Instruments (and more). We do, however like to make use of a few choice outboard pieces including DBX 160 compressors and a vintage Roland Space Echo. We offer attended and unattended mixing services including online stem mixing.


We don’t underestimate the mastering process and do not claim to be a mastering facility. However, we do offer basic mastering services, which can get your tracks competing with other released material. We can also recommend some high-end mastering facilities with which we’ve had great results.